Customer Services
                    400 Service Hotline
                    400 Service Hotline
                    Welcome to call NOVA's national unified service hotline: 400-700-6699. We provide 7*24 business consultation, fault handling, complaint handling, and other technical services all year round for customers in China.
                    Online Services
                    Online Services
                    You can also visit the NOVA Customer Service Platform to check the operating status of your network, equipment or operating platform, query on purchase information, service announcements, and request for troubleshooting and assistance.
                    Please visit
                    Exclusive VIP Customer Services
                    Exclusive VIP Customer Services
                    Priority fault handling
                    Temporary expansion service
                    Dedicated service team
                    Emergency resource service
                    Major guarantee service
                    Network health check
                    Network operating report
                    Network operating meeting
                    After-sales Services
                    Spare Parts Services

                    "Knowing your customer needs "----NOVA spare parts warehouse covers mainstream products including Cisco, Huawei, H3C, Juniper, Polycom, etc. By leveraging on a nation-wide spare parts distribution centers and optimized logistics chain support, NOVA provides users with high-quality spare parts services to guarantee the safely operation of customer networks system, as well as minimizing losses caused by equipment failure.

                    Covering spare parts of mainstream manufacturers and providing a wide range of products with reliable quality.
                    Providing 40+ spare parts warehouse with distribution services to more than 300 cities across the country.
                    Guaranteed long-term spare parts supply to reduce spare parts reserve on customer end.
                    Quality logistics and fast delivery
                    On-site Services

                    Users can get immediate response from professional technicians and on-site services in different phases including calibration ,commissioning, testing, and maintenance through NOVA on-site services. More than 1,000 technicians are on call, and on-site services can be covered in more than 300 cities across the country to ensure the optimization of the user networks operation.

                    Calibration Commissioning
                    Fault Locating and Rectification
                    System Maintenance
                    Remote Assistance
                    Online Technical Support
                    Status Monitoring
                    Software Upgrade
                    Fault Analysis
                    Remote Operation
                    Value-added Services
                    Network Monitoring Service (NMS)

                    NOVA provides end-to-end network management services for customers using NOVAnet services, manage your network equipment and lines in all aspects, detect and eliminate faults in a timely manner, improve network security, and reduce customer's O&M costs.

                    NMS Level Basic NMS Advanced NMS
                    Monitoring type Service objects

                    NOVAnet? IPSec Plus

                    NOVAnet? IPSec

                    NOVAnet? Wireless

                    NOVAnet MPLS NOVAnet MPLS
                    CE-PE Interface traffic
                    Packet loss
                    QoS tiered traffic
                    CE devices Memory
                    (specific point-to-point)
                    Packet loss
                    Network Monitoring Service(Netflow)

                    In addition to NMS services, NOVA also provides advanced traffic monitoring services based on multiple channels, which can integrate traffic collection, analysis, and reporting, enabling enterprise customers to fully control network activities to allocate and plan network bandwidth effectively and efficiently.

                    Bandwidth Monitoring
                    Real-time monitoring of network bandwidth usage is conducive to making more reasonable bandwidth capacity allocation planning.
                    Traffic Monitoring
                    Support viewing of traffic size, destination, and content of branch networks and providing a complete record of network traffic.
                    Application and Protocol Monitoring
                    Support the check on the traffic usage of the applications to ensure a smooth network connection for critical applications.
                    Automatically generate content-rich reports to show network usage for t traffic analysis purposes.
                    Automatic Alarm
                    When the network traffic exceeds the threshold, an alarm notification is automatically generated and send to the user.
                    Network Operating Analysis Reports

                    For VIP customers, NOVA also provides professional and detailed monthly, quarterly, and annual network operating analysis reports.

                    Review of previous events
                    Traffic monitoring analysis
                    monitoring Analysis
                    QoS monitoring analysis
                    Line quality report
                    Network optimization